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Promoting Research:
OSK supports different types of research that advance eye care in the region. These include policy research to enhance evidence-based policy development in eye care, clinical research to improve skills and knowledge in ophthalmology, and epidemiological and operational research to enhance interventions in eye care. The research findings are published in reputable ophthalmic journals in the region and beyond. In addition, and in order to improve dissemination and application of research findings locally, OSK intends to host annual scientific conferences and workshops as well as continue to strengthen the monthly CME activities.

Public Policy and Advocacy:
OSK has been a champion of health policy reform in the region. OSK advocates for pro-people health policy that is evidence-based and that promotes equity, access, and efficiency in healthcare.


Professional Support:
The Society seeks to empower its members by enhancing their clinical and governance skills. It offers platforms to strengthen practitioners and enable them offer better services in public as well as private sectors. The Society is keen to increase interaction with regulatory authorities and with the health insurance industry including NHIF, as well as participating in fora to actualize the Universal Healthcare agenda.

OSK offers linkages to several international organizations and societies bringing eye care professionals closer, enhancing standard setting and bench marking. This initiative serves to imprint Kenya on the eye care world map, and to increase local participation  in international eye care activities.

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